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 Acer Iconia Hint Technology Review.

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PostSubject: Acer Iconia Hint Technology Review.   Acer Iconia Hint Technology Review. Icon_minitimeSun Oct 16, 2011 3:32 pm

<! -- google_ad_section_start -->Acer Philippines, in addition to Microsoft, launched the Acer Iconia - 484G64ns dual touchscreen display lcd modulecomputer and Acer Pills PC W500 Iconia label the mix of the Internet. Using Microsoft's Windows 7 main system, touch screen computer Iconia focused on providing a pleasant scheming experience to consumers, while letting them do more computing projects. Acer Iconia - 484G64ns
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Acer most current touch-screen computers, Iconia - 484G64ns with it's unlikely that any but two touch-screen demonstrate. Acer Iconia - 484G64ns employ a nickname, you can get in touch with the PC, "Touchbook. " Guarantee that the head rotates, from the cafe or other court places, the Acer Iconia Touchbook extremely intuitive, innovative, and great. Acer essentially all of your technology and the loan consolidation of existing small tool to produce a new product. Great! The Iconia Touchbook posseses an impressive specification list: 鈥? Combined 14-inch multi-touch screen 鈥? High quality, 1366x768 resolution, high lighting TFT LCD Acer CineCrystal DIRECTED backlit screen, supports 10 little finger 鈥? The LCD display screen is tempered glass, lean but very durable, scratch and fingerprint resistant Corning to manage. 鈥? lcd module feel screenis also mercury-free, for making environmentally friendly 鈥? High-definition online video media support Intel graphics by using 128MB of dedicated process memory, support for Ms DirectX 10 鈥? This Acer CrystalEye camera, 1280x1024 image resolution, has been completely on-line to communicate face to handle climb 鈥? There can be a clever virtual keyboard feedback, with intelligent and adaptive predictive written text input, given the experience of a real keyboard. Completion of any touch pad, numeric keypad in addition to multi-mode hand gestures 鈥? Intel Core Duo while using the calculation of i5 : 480M (3MB of L3 cache electric power courtesy assured boost Turbo two. 66 GHz with nearly 2. 93GHz, 1066 MHz intended for DDR3 memory 35 Watt) pick, supporting Intel 64 buildings and Intel Smart Cache. 鈥? Cell phone Intel Express Chipset and also HM55 Memory 2x2GB DDRIII 鈥? We have a 640GB Touchbook more than enough space Acer loop control is known as a fast and intuitive screen, the entry point, Acer launched the appliance and convenient built-in look capabilities and control. In essence, the user can start out Acer loop control interface works on the simple gesture robbed established above. Acer Iconia label W500 is just like the Touchbook, because in addition, it has macro-loop control interface as well as the gesture editor. However, it relies on a different processor. Acer Iconia label is because of the AMD company W500 C-Series K - 50 (1MB legitimate cache, 1GHz of DDR3 1066MHz, in addition to 9 watts) processor. Furthermore, it has AMD's A50M Blend Controller Hub chipset or more to 2GB capacity and also 32GB of DDR3 remembrance chips sdd, and any 10. 1-inch high-definition 1280x800 resolution and a built-in multi-touch screen TFT LCD Acer CrystalBrite ENCOURAGED backlit display support children's hand touch and rotate the last image, AMD's Radeon HARLEY-DAVIDSON 6250 graphics card, 256MB dedicated system memory. We are the initial manufacturer to introduce hint lcd module with VGA input and the other LCD screen. Now, we have further improved this combined with latest LED backlight systems, increasing the ambient lumination sensor popular model. Also, the chip monolithic ceramic capacitor occured for electrolytic capacitors, although the unit to improve the stability and stability, especially in extreme temps conditions. <! -- google_ad_section_end -->

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Acer Iconia Hint Technology Review.
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