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 A Zenith El Primero Sit back and watch Puts New Meaning right into Movement.

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PostSubject: A Zenith El Primero Sit back and watch Puts New Meaning right into Movement.   Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:45 pm

Through precise detail and impeccable craftsmanship place in Zenith抯 El Primero, the movement of your timepiece is like zero other.
Copyright (c) 2007 WatchesOnNet
Just after five years of layout and preliminary work, the Zenith El Primero was introduced to your public in March for 1969. The complexity and movement of your watch makes this timepiece differentiate yourself from all other devices of its time. From its exquisite design to your remarkable movement and preciseness, a El Primero introduced a thing the watch industry experienced never seen before.
The El Primero was the earliest self-winding chronograph calibre that have an oscillating weight rotating with a centrally positioned ball displaying. The calibre has thirteen diameter lines that add a thin 6. 5 mm size. The movement is run using a column wheel and basic reset hammers.
Because in the unique build and your impeccable balance, the Zenith El Primero has become the most precise and accurate in all movements. It is all because the glucydur balance wheel that may be combined with a fat-free spiral spring. The flat spiral spring is manufactured out of nothing other than the top quality non-magnetic self-compensating Anachron oscillates, and works for a price of 36, 000 vibrations hourly. Because of this amazing rate, the El Primero may produce chronometer measurements all the way to one-tenth of a subsequent.
The movement of the watch is includes 354 parts, with numerous parts being different from another. On one of the very most complex versions, there can be over 250 different components. Because of the multitude of parts, the movement will not be affected by any sharp changes or magnetic derricks. To ensure this, through fifty different points are usually oiled using ten numerous grades of lubricant.
That is definitely not a quick and painless task design a watch like this Zenith El Primero. Every little detail is inspected by several unique people within the plant. The total process for making the wondrous movement on this timepiece consists of nine hard months of perform. Every part within the watch will spot anywhere between five as well as fifty inspections and businesses. Along with the inspections, there are around fifty milling procedures for the dial side and 77 milling procedures on the bridges side.
The complexity and actual craftsmanship from every specialist watchmaker has turned out to be effective in the building of the Zenith El Primero timepiece within the last few 30 years. With several parts and a variety of inspections put into a fabulous grueling 9 month method, every El Primero watch that you can buy is built to flawlessness.
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A Zenith El Primero Sit back and watch Puts New Meaning right into Movement.
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